A Trumpet Sounds

A Trumpet Sounds: A song of hope for those who are struggling. Find strength & courage through faith.


Holly Dayle’s song “A Trumpet Sounds” is a powerful song of hope for those who are struggling with life.

If you’re feeling lost and alone, standing between two realities, the reality you can see and the reality you can’t, imagine what it would be like to suddenly feel the presence of angels surrounding you. You know you’re not alone, and they’re with you. You remember who has power, and you find strength in your faith. You know there’s more to life than what you can see, and that God’s presence is real.

Imagine the feeling of victory as you sing the line, “A trumpet sounds, angels surround, God’s kingdom on earth is found.” It’s a declaration of your faith, and a reminder that God’s kingdom is real, and that it is available to all who believe.

If you’re feeling lost and alone, then I encourage you to listen to “A Trumpet Sounds” by Holly Dayle. It’s a song of hope that can help you find your way through the darkness.

Find your victory!


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A Trumpet Sounds
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